Yamaha YSS-82Z Professional Soprano Saxophone Review

The Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Professional Soprano Saxophone is for a musician who seeks a unparalleled sound quality. Yamaha is known internationally for designing high-end instruments at a reasonable price and this one is not exception. This model takes after Yamaha’s 62 series, which was revolutionary when it was first introduced. The 62 series saxophones are entry-level professional saxophones and while this instrument takes after them, the YSS-82Z is lighter weight and offers great tonal flexibility. Consider purchasing this sax if you are a professional jazz player who wants to create vintage sounds from eras past or if you simply want a saxophone to fill the room with beautiful music for years to come.

To make your saxophone research easier, we have compiled features of this soprano saxophone along with the most common pros and cons. With this review you can save time and make an informed choice about your next saxophone. In addition we have included a list of the best online retailers to choose from so that your purchase is seamless.

Overview of the Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone

The YSS-82Z custom saxophone comes with many different options. First decision is whether to have a curved neck or a straight neck. The straight neck is known for providing an even response with direct tonal quality. Both styles feature a one-piece neck, meaning there are no joints between the body and neck, which creates a free and easy response. This beautiful soprano also has the option of a gold lacquer finish, black lacquer finish, unlacquered finished, and silver-plated finish. The choice of finish, the mother of pearl keys, and the hand engraved bell all combine to make this one eye-catching in addition to ear-catching. For comfort this saxophone includes a high F# key for more alternate fingerings, ergonomic keys, and an adjustable thumb rest so that the musician can find the ideal hand placement. The lower vent tube improves sound quality by reducing noise from the lower vent key action. It also features a post rib plate, which enhances resonance and provides a solid feel. Since Yamaha knows this is a saxophone that will produce unparalleled music for years to come they have designed the saxophone with an adjusting pivot screw for easy maintenance and included a case and shoulder strap for easy transport.

Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone with Straight Neck Lacquer

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  • Lower vent tube design reduces noise
  • Key post rib plate has solid feel and enhances resonance
  • Newly designed comfortable, ergonomic keys
  • Adjusting pivot screw
  • Hand engraving style on bell adds beauty and style

Pros of the Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone

This sax is designed with jazz players in mind so there is an ease when playing the uppermost register notes. The rib design of this saxophone is narrow, which provides a quick response. It is made with a special brass alloy that makes this instrument lightweight. The quiet key action of this soprano means that only the music will be heard. Each custom saxophone is hand-adjusted by Yamaha technicians. Overall it is difficult to find negative opinions of this beautiful woodwind.

Cons of the Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone

One of the first cons a new buyer will notice about Yamaha’s YSS-82Z is the price tag. One way to save a few dollars is to purchase the unlacquered version. The unlacquered models will come polished but the finish color will morph over time and use. Since it was designed with jazz players in mind, it will take a little bit more finesse to use it for playing other styles of music.


If you are looking to fall in love with a personalized saxophone this one is for you. While it is listed as a professional saxophone, it is also wonderful for a musician who has being playing at an intermediate level for a few years and is looking to upgrade the sound quality of their music. Whether you are filling up the room with music or playing a softer piece, the tone of it will impress those around you. Of course, this soprano saxophone will not only shine because of the sound quality but also for its beautiful details that make it a gorgeous instrument to look at.

Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone with Straight Neck Lacquer, Yamaha

Price: $4,386.99
as of November 20, 2018 5:56 am  
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