Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone Review

The Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone is an example of a mid to high priced saxophone that can be used by dedicated beginners and professionals alike. This saxophone i the perfect instrument upgrade from a more introductory level saxophone, and is a good option for students who are moving into high school or college, and are looking for a higher quality saxophone. This saxophone features gorgeous gold plating complete with carefully made floral etchings along the bell of the saxophone. With mother-of-pearl styled lever designs, this saxophone is sure to fit in with any orchestral band, or to stand out for the solo musician’s debut performance.

To help you gauge whether or not this sax is right for you, we’ve gone ahead and compiled the various product reviews provided on the internet in order to help you weigh your pros and cons in a convenient format. And, to help cut down on some of the leg work, we’ve also taken the time to list some of the best places on the internet to purchase it, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to find a trustworthy listing for this saxophone among the hundreds of retailers on the internet.

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone Overview

This soprano saxophone is a good example of a high quality saxophone that falls in the medium to high price range for the instrument. This saxophone is made by Yamaha, one of the leading musical instrument producers on the market, and as such offers the quality and product assurance you would expect from their company. Not only does this saxophone come equipped with a custom Bb spatula key, to help the player transfer from one note to another smoothly without losing pitch or resonance. Somewhat unique to this saxophone, it comes with a high F# key, to allow it to hit and maintain one of the harder to play notes on a saxophone, making it a good fit for someone who is just starting to figure out the note progressions on a saxophone, but wants to have a wide range of musical options available to them. This sax also comes with a carrying case and replacement reeds, making it a good choice for someone who has had some experience caring for saxophones before.

We’ve gone ahead and put together a quick review of some of the more common pros and cons for this great instrument from people who have previously purchased this saxophone on the net. We’ve done the heavy lifting of sifting through the various reviews and questions out there to help you get a better idea of what it has to offer. But you don’t have to just take out word for it! I’ve you’d like to see some of the different reviews and questions out there about this instrument, you can find them [here].

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone

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  • Custom style Bb spatula
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • High F# key
  • Advanced body taper
  • Lower vent tube

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone Pros

One of the biggest pros listed for the Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone is how easy it is to play. While most saxophone players start out with an alto saxophone, this soprano saxophone is hailed as being easy to play and easier to learn, with various mechanical components included to make the transition between some of the harder to play notes easier in the long run. This saxophone is touted as being easy to control with limited breath, meaning that it can be easily played by younger players or by players who may have trouble keeping up a more intense breath duration over time. A few reviewers mentioned that this saxophone felt of both a high quality material and was very durable, and do to it’s production by Yamaha, in the case of any potential damages, replacement parts were in no short supply. On top of this, this sax can come with an additional three to four year warranty that covers any potential replacement parts and labor, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone Cons

This instrument, like any instrument out there, does have its cons. While it is not a low end instrument by any stretch of the imagination, due to the heavier materials that are used to make it, it is not necessarily recommended by professional players, as it is unable to hit some of the more delicate notes that other saxophones can. Some reviews noted that the tone of the instrument suffers over time due to slight shifts in the metal that cause tuning issues. Another issue that some people had with it was that it did not include a cleaning kit, meaning that there is a secondary investment on top of the instrument itself, though a good cleaning kit is not that big of an added fee in the long run. Overall, this saxophone is good for serious players, but may be a bit more clunky than is desired for people who play the saxophone professionally.

Check out this video to see it in action:

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone, Yamaha

Price: $2,386.00
as of December 18, 2018 5:51 am  
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