Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Saxophone Review

It should be no surprise that school districts across the United States recommend the Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone to their young saxophone players. Yamaha is one of the top instrument brands internationally and the YBS-52 is no exception to their quality brand of woodwinds. This a great mid-range saxophone that spans all user groups from beginner to experienced. It can either be used for the intermediate player looking to up their game, for a beginner that wants an easy-to-play, durable instrument with easy-action keys, or for an advanced saxophonist who wants the reliable sound quality of a higher end instrument. This baritone sax produces full sound and is a favorite among band directors, students, and advanced hobbyists alike.

If you are in the market for a new saxophone for yourself or your child, our review below is compiled of the most common pros and cons of this great sax found on the internet, and can serve as the perfect guide for helping you with this important purchase. Instead of reading review after review on various websites, and not fully understanding the features of the instrument due to contradictory information, use our site instead to save time and confusion. Plus, we have created a list of the best online retailers to choose from when you are ready to make your purchase so that you know that you are getting your instrument from a quality online source.

Overview of the Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Saxophone

Designed around the player’s comfort and speed, this sax gives a natural feel without sacrificing sound. It features a tilting style low bb spatula keys that provide quick left hand pinky response, a lacquered brass body, leather pads, and a range to low A as well as a front F mechanism. With adjustable thumb rests, it can fit any size range of player’s hands–and even better, it can be adjusted as a student’s hand grows. The three-vent octave mechanism is exclusive to YAMAHA saxophones and allows for completely clear tones for the G, G#, and A with the octave key notes. Finally, it boasts tapered pivot screws, stainless steel springs, adjustable keyguard felts, and drawn tone holes for optimal performance and usability for all ability levels.

With five out of five stars on both Amazon and Yamaha’s websites, you will not be disappointed when the YBS-52 arrives in the mail. To instill even more confidence in your purchase, however, below are some of the most relevant pros and cons for this versatile baritone saxophone.

Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone

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  • Level: Intermediate
  • Key: Eb
  • Neck: Standard
  • Neck Material: Yellow Brass
  • Body Material: Yellow Brass

Pros of the Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Saxophone

As a mid range saxophone, it has a solid price point that will not empty your bank account, yet will produce a high grade sound for advanced playing. It is not only durable, but it is easy to maintain, which means that this saxophone will undoubtedly hold up year after year and continue producing reliable sound quality without deteriorating. With a comfortable feel and easy key action, it is highly recommended for working musicians, educators, students, and experienced hobbyist. This versatile baritone saxophone works perfectly for any style of music you choose.

The Cons of the Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Saxophone

If you are looking for a flashy instrument to impress, it may not be for you. Because of its durability, it is neither the lightest nor the sexiest instrument on the market. Moreover, it may not be the best option for marching, at least for petitw students, due to is moderate heft. Finally, it does not have an annealed bell, which is necessary for producing the highest quality of sound in a baritone saxophone.

Summary of the Yamaha YBS-52 Baritone Saxophone

If you are in need of a saxophone that will hold up over the years and keep on producing a high quality of sound, a saxophone that is easy for beginners to advanced players to perform their favorite pieces on, and a saxophone that will not eat into your savings, this may be the perfect choice of instrument. While the YBS-52 is labeled as an intermediate saxophone, it is great for music students of all ages, as well as players of virtually all abilities.

Check out this sax in action in this video:

Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone, Yamaha

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as of December 18, 2018 3:16 pm  
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