Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone Review

The Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone is a good example of a low price but high quality beginner saxophone that is ideal for any student who is looking to get into playing the saxophone, or as a backup instrument for anyone looking to expand their saxophone collection. This tenor saxophone is a standard brass saxophone tuned to the key of Bb that is made for use by beginners and students who are looking for an easy introduction to the world of saxophone playing. It comes with a starters kit that includes reeds, a carrying case, and all the cleaning supplies needed to keep this saxophone in excellent playing condition for years to come, making it a good low price choice for someone who is looking for the next step in their saxophone career after renting or borrowing an instrument.

To help you get a feel for this instrument and all it has to offer, we have gone ahead and compiled some of the more reliable reviews on the web, so you can get a good idea of the pros and cons offered by this saxophone. And, in order to help you streamline your online shopping experience, we’ve listed some of the most trusted instrument distributors on the internet, so you can spend more time playing your new instrument, and less time worrying about finding a trustworthy site that will guarantee your new saxophone shows up on time.

Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone Overview

This is a brass saxophone with yellow outer lacquer that features beautiful bell detailing and tapered pivot keys made to fit into even the most class orchestral setting. This saxophone comes with a hard carrying case to ensure that your saxophone gets to its destination safely and with style, and features an over the shoulder replaceable nylon body strap so that you can play it comfortably sitting or standing. It is a good example of an introductory instrument that arrives with style, as it doesn’t have any of the surface level giveaways that it falls into the under one thousand price range. And with a within the budget four year accident plan available, this saxophone is sure to last you through hundreds of band practices and personal concerts for years to come. With the added bonus of a beginner’s cleaning kit, this saxophone comes ready to use and play right out of the box, making it ideal for both students and returning players alike.

To help you get a more technical feel for this sax, we’ve gone ahead and weighed the dozens of customer reviews on the internet to help find the pros and cons that come unique to this saxophone, so you don’t have to dig through pages of reviews to find what you’re looking for. However, don’t just take our word for it. One of the most interesting things about this particular set of reviews for it is that the company representatives from Jean Paul USA make a point to interact with any negative reviews on the instrument, and this level of professionalism showed by these representatives in the comment section speaks volumes about the quality of the product itself. If you’re interested in reading more, you can find the reviews for it [here].

Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone

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  • The Jean Paul Tenor Saxophone is in key of Bb
  • Comes with robust contoured carrying case for ease of use transportation
  • Beautiful yellow brass body construction with Lacquer finish. It features a beautiful yellow brass body, power forged keys, a strong bell brace for durability, and tapered pivot keys
  • Included Accessories: Rico Reeds, Carrying Case, Cork grease ,Gloves ,Cleaning Cloth, Swabs, and Mouthpiece

Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone Pros

The largest pro listed about this tenor saxophone is that it is the perfect beginner saxophone. With both lower range pricing and an easy to play design for a first time saxophonist, or a first time tenor player, this saxophone is geared towards a player making their debut into the world of the saxophone. Many reviews mentioned the deep, clear tone of it, and state that the tone of the instrument itself is comparable to the Yamaha tenor saxophone, which ranks in at three times the price. The final, and most important pro listed about this saxophone was the helpfulness of the Jean Paul USA customer service team, as over half of the reviews listed mentioned that, while their instrument had a few issue down the road, they helped them get a replacement part of replaced the entire saxophone with little to no hassle. Most reviews listed the friendliness of the technicians they worked with as the main reason they loved this saxophone, as the willingness of the company to work with them helped ensure that their instrument lasted for years to come.

Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone Cons

As with any instrument, this one is not without its flaws. Customers complained about tone issue when they first unpacked the box, as well as some issues with the keys due to the cheapness of the materials. The largest concern in the reviews was the presence of air leaks and how easily the body of the saxophone was dented or became gaped around the air seals. However, for all of these issues, the friendliness of the customer support team worked to help resolve these issues almost immediately, which makes this product unique from many of the others that we have reviewed. Just like any cheaper end saxophone, this one has its issues, but their development team seems aware of these issues and are actively working with their customers to improve their instrument on an ongoing basis.

Check out this sax in action, as well as a video review, in this video below:

Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone, Jean Paul USA

Price: $670.99
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