Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone Review

The Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone is a great starting saxophone for any age range, from a middle school student looking to join band for the first time to an adult looking to pick up an instrument in their spare time. Falling into one of the lower brackets for the saxophone price range, this is a good saxophone for anyone not looking to make a large, orchestra-quality investment right off the bat, but who is still looking for something with good quality sound behind it. It comes in either a brass tone or silver tone, and features detailing on the bell of the instrument, as well as mother-of-pearl styled inlays on the keys, giving the entire instrument a very classical feel to it.

In order to help you weight the cost-effectiveness of this great alto saxophone against the quality of the tone, we’ve collated the reviews for this instrument from around the web and found some of the most common pros and cons found with this instrument, so that you can get a good sense of what kind of tonal quality and craftsmanship you are getting before you make the final investment. Along with this, we’ve gone ahead and scouted the web to find well-priced, reliable websites that offer it, so that you can compare prices and warranty options across many different platforms.

Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone Overview

The Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone is a low-price saxophone perfect for younger children and beginner players. This saxophone is geared towards students who are just beginning to learn how to play the instrument, and comes equipped with all the care taking tools you may require for your saxophone, from replacement reeds to valve swabs, as well as a convenient carrying case to help make getting your instrument to band practice or opening night at the orchestra easier than ever. One of the main feature of this saxophone is the one year parts and labor warranty that is included in the already low $449.95 price, which ensures that if there are any issues with your new purchase, you can get the parts and repairs you need hassle free. As well as being a great beginner saxophone, it is also a good travel saxophone option for someone looking to bring their instrument with them without risking damage to their Mk1 or Yamaha saxophone.

Aside from the base features of this sax, here are some of the most commonly reported pros and cons of this saxophone, so you have a better idea of the kind of instrument you are getting. We’ve gone ahead and boiled down the extensive customer reviews on this product to the most common praises and complaints offered by buyers who range from excited parents to hopeful musicians and everything else in between. If you are looking to read some of the longer, more detailed tone and feel reviews of it, you can find some incredibly well researched responses comparing various different saxophone options [here].

Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone

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  • The Jean Paul Alto Saxophone is in key of Eb
  • Comes with robust contoured carrying case for easy transportation
  • Beautiful yellow brass body construction with Lacquer finish
  • Included Accessories: 1 Rico Reed, Carrying Case, Cork grease, Gloves ,Cleaning Cloth, Swabs, and Mouthpiece

Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone Pros

The biggest pro that this saxophone has to offer is its status as a beginner saxophone. This saxophone rests securely in a price point that makes it ideal for people making their first foray into the world, and as such many people praise the quality offered at such a low price. Most users referenced how the saxophone had good volume and pitch for being on the cheaper end of instrument makes and models, and some said they could see nearly no difference between the tone offered by it and their more expensive Yamaha saxophone. A wide range of users appreciated the design of the saxophone itself, as well as the one year warranty, as they felt more comfortable investing in the instrument since they knew that the company was willing to provide assistance with any issue they may have. The inclusion of a starter kit for new saxophone players was also one of the top mentioned pros for this awesome sax, as it allowed students and returning players to hop right into learning with their saxophone without having to worry about making a secondary investment on supplies for their saxophone.

Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone Cons

One of the largest cons of the Jean Paul USA AS-400 that many people felt they were in a situation of “you get what you pay for,” meaning that the tone of the instrument itself was sub-par compared to other models. Some users reference that they had issues with the tuning of the instrument itself, and that they had difficulties hitting sharp notes constantly on their instrument. Another issue mentioned in the reviews was the scarcity of parts for it, and how it is not compatible with more common saxophone equipment, making fixing any potential damages a hassle. While the reviews for this were incredibly positive overall, many of the reviews warned about the low price point of the saxophone, and suggested that more experienced players spend the additional money to invest in a higher priced instrument if they intended to play solo or professionally.

Check out this great video of the sax in action:

Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone, Jean Paul USA

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