Student Saxophone Reviews


Yamaha YAS-23 Standard Eb Alto Saxophone Review

Beginner saxophone students will relish the comfort and ease of playing this saxophone. Yamaha has been perfecting saxophones since 1967 and has since been known for developing high-quality woodwind instruments for all ability levels. The YAS-23, while entry level, does not deviate from Yamaha’s mission of creating beautiful sounding saxophones. This may be the first…


LyxJam Alto Saxophone Review

The LyxJam Alto Saxophone is a beginner saxophone that comes in at one of the lowest price ranges of any of the saxophones on the market today. Complete with its own beginner kit that includes replacement reeds, a cleaning kit, and a soft-cloth bag that can be carried four ways, this saxophone is marketed towards…


Yamaha YAS-280 Student Alto Saxophone Review

The Yamaha YAS-280 Student Alto Saxophone is a good mid-range saxophone for someone looking for their next musical step after a beginner saxophone. Made by one of the top instrument creators in the world, this saxophone is geared towards those musicians moving past the first stages of learning the saxophone into the more intermediate side…

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